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Braden & Karla

Braden and Karla TestimonialFather Time and Mother Nature. A formidable pair. Even for a husband and wife, the desire to look one’s best is very much a personal quest.

For example, Braden’s interest in the notion of cosmetic surgery had little to do with his wife, but more to do with himself and his own self confidence. As a doctor himself, he knew the process started with research. “I had thought about it for five years, researching it extensively — the pros and cons. Overall, my motivation was to keep a younger appearance.”

Braden’s wife Karla, a nurse, also desired a cosmetic procedure that she had thought about for some time. Going forward for both husband and wife meant a search for the right doctor.

“Because we are both in the healthcare field, we knew how important credentials and training are. And because Karla worked with him in the hospital, she saw behind the scenes how he interacted with his patients. We were convinced he was the right choice.”

Afterward, both Braden and Karla are pleased. “In our professions, looking good is a confidence builder. For example, afterward, I lost weight, and I started taking better care of myself,” says Braden. “If you can afford it, it’s worth doing for yourself.”


Patient Mel TestimonialAs years creep ahead, the challenge is to not look old, especially when one feels young.

At 58, Mel is an active cyclist who pedals several thousand miles each year. Mel believed it was time to roll the odometer back.

What would make him consider cosmetic surgery? “I was approaching 60 years old, but I certainly don’t view myself as elderly. I’m anything but that. I don’t feel that old, and I certainly don’t act that old. So I asked myself, ‘why look that old?” So, simply put, it was time to take some years off my face.

“I had thought about it for six months beforehand. And I did my homework, and started researching doctors. After one meeting, I was convinced I had selected the right one. Now I chuckle when I look back at pictures of me beforehand. I think, good grief, did I really look that bad? It was a good move forward. It took 10 years off me.”


Patient Sami TestimonialEvery woman knows that having children can really change your body. That is ultimately what motivated Sami to explore cosmetic surgery—she wanted to regain a more youthful shape. “I had always tried to hide the fact that I had a big tummy. But no matter what I did, I just didn’t like how my clothes fit. I had two kids, but now they’re in their 20s and 30s. Finally, I decided it was time to do something for myself.”

Sami’s next step was to explore her options and decide what she wanted to get out of the cosmetic surgery experience. “I’m ecstatic that I chose to do something about it and with my choice of surgeon. Dr. Mason is genuine. With the other doctors I interviewed, I felt like I would have been on an assembly line. My doctor took the time with me to get very specific about every detail.”

Looking back, Sami has no regrets. “Without a doubt, cosmetic surgery is a luxury. It’s something that, if you can afford to do it for yourself, why not? My clothes fit great now. I love it. Everyone tells me I look different—that I light up more.”

Carol Lee

Patient Carol TestimonialOver time things shift around, and getting back in shape can be an awesome task. Carol Lee decided that she needed the help of a cosmetic surgeon to return to a more trim shape.

“With a busy career, I was spending time at work and in a car going back and forth. Over time, I found myself slipping out of shape, and my workouts weren’t having the desired effect that I wanted on my figure. I decided that I needed help.”

She researched her options. “I had been reading about liposuction for years. I realized that it held the potential to return me back to the shape I wanted. I’m very active and enjoy riding horses. But my figure was getting me depressed. I simply wasn’t happy about my hips and thighs. I have an aunt who is a big believer in cosmetic surgery. Bless her heart, she’s in her fifties and looks fabulous. I was convinced.”

Now, she has her physical and emotional self-confidence back. “I’ll concede that I had an ideal body image. Some people like to hide the fact that they may have had cosmetic surgery. That’s not me. I’m not shy. I’d tell a friend, hey, if it will make you feel better about yourself, go for it.”


Patient Ashley Testimonial As a former cheerleader, Ashley had always considered having a certain cosmetic surgery procedure as a way to enhance her appearance and self confidence.

“I had thought about having it done for some time, probably two years,” recalls Ashley. “I had done my research on which doctor to choose. I would recommend that you become comfortable with who you choose. I liked that my doctor took plenty of time to answer all my questions beforehand. I also liked that he was careful not to create false expectations. Because in the end, he met all my expectations and then some. Today, I feel better about myself and more confident about how I look, and that comes across to people I meet. You only have one life. For me, why not strive to be everything you could be to make the most of it.”


Patient Deb TestimonialIs there anyone who wants to look older? Certainly not women. Nor Deborah. If anything, Deb wants to leave others wondering how old she is.

“I’m really active. I like to dance and go out. Perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but another side benefit of looking younger is that I like younger men. For me, cosmetic surgery provided me the self confidence I was looking for — to feel good about myself.”

“Choosing the right doctor, though, isn’t just about reviewing credentials,” says Deb. “I liked that my doctor was soft spoken and polite — just like a real person. I was immediately comfortable and at ease with the process.

“Cosmetic surgery is just making the best of what you already have,” she adds in hindsight. “In the workplace, I’ve found afterward that it takes down obstacles and boundaries that may have existed before. My new self confidence enhances my performance. And people grab onto that positive outlook. They see how good you feel about yourself and it rubs off.”

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