Cosmetic Surgery for Men

At Southlake Plastic Surgery, we know that men of all ages care about their physical appearance. The desire to look and feel as attractive as possible is a natural desire. We know how to help men look younger and fitter.

Surgical Options for a Trim, Youthful Look

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Mark E. Mason is skilled in surgical procedures designed to trim the waist, back, and body, as well as procedures developed to improve or rejuvenate the face and neck.
Liposuction and tummy tuck are both popular procedures for men who wish to achieve a trimmer profile and feel more confident. Men also happily pursue eyelid lift, browlift, facelift, and neck lift procedures so that they can look as young as their female counterparts. Men and women are equally likely to choose rhinoplasty or chin augmentation to improve the symmetry of their facial features.

Non Surgical Options for a Youthful Appearance

At Southlake Plastic Surgery, we also provide a variety of non-invasive treatments that can improve the appearance of the skin and reduce signs of aging.

Your Consultation

Dr. Mason provides private consultations to patients who are contemplating cosmetic surgery or non-surgical improvements. Dr. Mason listens carefully. As appropriate, Dr. Mason will help each patient create an achievable plan for reaching the desired outcome.
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