Chin Augmentation Southlake TX

It is amazing how a feature as seemingly insignificant as the chin can have such an impact on the overall look of the face. For one thing, a small chin can make the nose appear disproportionately large. Interestingly, a chin implant may be what is needed rather than rhinoplasty to help bring facial features into balance. By enhancing a small chin, the face will look more symmetrical overall and often the nose will appear smaller.

Procedure Details Chin Implants Southlake TX

Commonly a chin implant is made of silicone, although various materials may be used. The surgery will probably be done with local anesthesia (although in some cases, general anesthesia may be used) and takes anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour. An incision is either made from inside the mouth leaving no visible scarring or just beneath the jaw line where scarring will be minimal. The implant is placed and skin is sutured back together.

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Recovery Details Chin Augmentation Southlake TX

After surgery, Board Certified Dr. Mason will tape the chin to reduce swelling. Initially, it will be difficult to smile and talk, but after a few days, pain will be minimal. After a week, stitches will be removed and recovery should be nearly complete.

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